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Achieve your goals the deliciously healthy way! Join My Food Bag 6 week Re-start program and get a FREE Ashley & Co. Limited Kitchen Edition Waxed Perfume!

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Our Limited Kitchen Edition Waxed Perfume has been crafted exclusively for My Food Bag. With a shared passion for enriching the senses, it was only natural that we’d develop a special Waxed Perfume that is happiest in the kitchen.

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Waxed Perfume Kitchen Edition

Individually hand poured in reusable, handblown glass with 100% natural wax and unbleached cotton wicks. This special edition of Lotus Leaf & Lustre incorporates zesty Yuzu Citrus to cut through lingering aromas, adding an invigorating freshness to your kitchen.



The extra special ingredient in our Limited Kitchen Edition Waxed Perfume is Yuzu. Famed in Japanese cuisine, Yuzu is a fruit delivering abundant zesty Citrus notes that not only has a calming effect, but efficiently cuts through any lingering smells after cooking.

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Jackie's Curried Prawn Laksa with Vermicelli & Thai Basil.

This delicious recipe is brought to you by Jackie Ashley, our Founder of Ashley & Co, and gives our Restarter’s an absolutely delicious dish to enjoy for Week 1 of the Fresh Start Restart programme! It’s fragrant, warming and comforting, and is packed full of goodness to fuel you on your journey.

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Jackie's Next Cook

Amber Thoresen DK

Ask the Chef: Amber Thoresen from My Food Bag

Scent profile: Lotus Leaf & Lustre – with Yuzu Citrus

Lustre for life. A recipe for freshness, Yuzu Citrus and Makrut Lime Leaf zing, layering with the warming scent of Spicy Clove and Cedarwood to make this exotic fusion.

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Scent profile: Lotus Leaf & Lustre – with Yuzu Citrus