Ashley & Co for Cure Kids

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Our ongoing partnership with Cure Kids requires us to create something truly special. Something as amazing as the work they do.

We’re excited to continue with these special, limited edition collaborations. Be sure to stay tuned, we have an amazing duo of products prepared for release later this year!

Back in Spring 2020, we proudly continued our Cure Kids partnership, creating a unique, limited edition range.

Inspired by one particularly special kid, we developed the Eva Edition: A specially formulated Wonder Washup and Soothe & Zap sanitising cream, both boosted with special, healing ingredients chosen by Eva.

Cure kids

Our Wonder Washup is invigorated with Raspberry Seeds as well the antiseptic aid of Manuka Extract.

We partnered it with Soothe & Zap, a game-changing sanitising cream that kills germs while it nourishes skin, to create a seriously fun duo that seriously cleans.

The Eva Edition was released in two options; a boxset that included both the Washup Wonder and Soothe & Zap hand cream, or the Soothe & Zap hand cream, sold separately.

The muse for our Cure Kids collection is Eva.

A brave, beautiful girl who brings sunshine to the world - despite dealing with a life-long condition.

“I feel like the luckiest person in the world to get to do this with Ashley & Co,” says Eva. "I hope everybody loves it, because it has so much that I love in it!"

Eva’s imagination is a powerful tool to help her face tough times. Working with a scrapbook of her favourite things, illustrator Phoebe Morris manifested this beautiful, sensory scene that graces the packaging

When Ashley & Co met Eva, the sun shone bright. A brave little girl, who had suffered through the night. Faced with so many trials to her health, Eva let scent and imagination be her wealth. Blossom & Gilt was her favourite pick, something that took her mind from feeling sick. Today Eva’s good cheer is what we hold dear. Brave and fierce, with a smile from ear to ear. This was our chance to make a special mix, a combination of Eva’s favourite tricks. Zap ’n soothe & wash, with Manuka too. Raspberry seeds? Why yes! Whoohoo! So help us help Cure Kids with this exciting cream & boxset. A fabulous boost of goodwill they will get.

Butterflies and bubbles, kites and cake.

The Eva Edition wasn’t just fun to create, it was fruitful, generating a donation of $42,000 to Cure Kids.
A big thank you for all of you who purchased these Ashley & Co x Cure Kids products.

We are immensely proud and grateful.