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Enjoy a complimentary Sootherup in Vine & Paisley with any order over $100! Shipping is free for all orders over $60–

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Our newest products are a gift for you!

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Complimentary Care Tools

For a limited time, purchase Waxed Perfume and you’ll receive a complimentary Snippy Wick (RRP $20) with your order. And both Snippy Wick and Snuffy Wick (RRP $40) with your Waxed Perfume XL order!

*One complimentary gift per order. Whilst stocks last.

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Introducing Snippy Wick

This functional tool allows you to give your Waxed Perfume a regular snip (to about 6mm), creating an even, slim burn. This not only makes re-lighting easier but ensures longevity and maximum scent throw. We highly recommend this maintenance to get great, long lasting scent.

Complimentary with every Waxed Perfume and Waxed Perfume XL purchased.

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Introducing Snuffy Wick

When it comes to extinguishing your Waxed Perfume, a gentle snuff from Snuffy Wick ensures safety and prevents wax displacement, helping maintain form and a better burn of your Waxed Perfume next time. Simply hover the bell over the flame to extinguish safely and voilà, lights out. For now.

Complimentary with every Waxed Perfume XL purchased

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Waxed Perfume XL – Blossom & Gilt

Costa Rican Tuberose
Wild Jasmine
Ylang Ylang
White Tobacco
Lime Leaf

Go big with Waxed Perfume XL Blossom & Gilt. Better than a bouquet, this scent is like 100 fresh stems of Costa Rican Tuberose, seductively wafting through your most spacious spaces. A touch of Wild Jasmine, Lime and Bergamot will set the scene for your Winter.
Waxed Perfume XL – Tui & Kahili

Delicate Lilly
Wild Ginger
Ylang Ylang

Our most popular scent, now sized up for a big, beautiful, bold scent throw. At 730g and with 100 hours of burn time, let the notes of Mimosa mingle with Lily and lift the atmosphere in your biggest spaces this Winter.