A chance find leads us to our inspiration

“Treasures Found was inspired by the works of Rei Hamon found in a book we discovered in a second hand bookshop many years ago. It has been well thumbed and loved by the Ashley family. Rei’s love of nature and his extraordinary attention to detail is truly captivating”.
— Jackie Ashley

A Māori Artist, environmentalist and activist, Rei Hamon, CBE, was self-taught. Famed for his pointillist works, he had a deep love of nature and a strong, spiritual connection to the forest and the mighty Kauri tree.

Two works of Rei’s have been incorporated into our seasonal packaging this year, Maia and Still Waters, along with a line from his poem, 'I speak to the trees' (Kōrero au ki ngā rākau). These works have been carefully reproduced and printed on Japanese linen paper, with the exquisite details of Rei’s hand made clear.


"Maia and Still Waters are iconic and encapsulate the reverence our koro had for Aotearoa and our natural heritage. His ability to share this message, through drawing a simple piece of wood and a calm river scene, was his unique gift” — Rei’s Granddaughter, Huia Hamon.

I Speak To The Trees
Kōrero au ki ngā rākau

I felt so humbled,
As I drew near that tree.
The stream murmured and tumbled,
Pure, grand and free.
The Cicadas chip,
Endlessly, as if in mirth,
On your apron I see,
The orchid nodding so sweetly to me.

If only I could have been,
So true straight and fine,
A deeper spiritual joy,
Would of now been mine.

At time in my past,
I had come to destroy,
Now beneath your grey bosom,
With bowed head - but in joy.
Thou gave me inspiration,
To do good with my hand,
For together we'll both face,
This destroying polluted land.

For we did speak you know,
Each in our own line,
You from your high throne,
And I from mine.

Rei Hamon, CBE

Take the time to engage your senses.
You never know what might be found in the beauty that surrounds.

Treasures Found. Christmas 2021.