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Resetting the clock: engaging the senses and slowing down in nature.

For those who have visited Waiheke, just 35 minutes from downtown Auckland, you’ll know it’s a pretty magical place. Known as New Zealand’s ‘island of wine’, when you’re not dining out on delicious local food and sipping a vintage from the surrounding vineyards, you can be strolling the many golden-sand beaches, or hiking the numerous trails that crisscross the island’s undulating landscape.

Fleetwood offers a perfect place to slow down, unwind and reconnect in the peaceful location of Awaawaroa Valley. Set on 18 acres, this boutique accommodation is the ultimate destination to engage the senses and reconnect with nature.


Q&A with Jackie - creator, designer and owner of Fleetwood Waiheke

ONE | What is it that draws you to Waiheke, and made you return home to the island?

Home is where the heart is…

TWO | Is there a scent or fragrance that is undeniably Waiheke? Something that you smell that tells you you’re home?

The smell of the ocean

THREE | In three words, describe the feeling of Fleetwood.

Modern, Wild, Western.

FOUR | We know that scent enhances our experience of a place. What Ashley & Co. scents do you love to have at Fleetwood?

I love all of Ashley & Co. products…but most favoured would be Power House room spray…I spray the rooms prior to guests arriving…the guests love it!!!

FIVE | Describe your perfect Waiheke day…awake with the birds and…?

An early morning walk with my dog through nature to the top of Mt Maunganui The highest point in Waiheke (just behind Fleetwood ) Where I can take in the breathtaking 360 degree views that look out to Barrier….
Breathe /meditate and be so thank full for this amazing life, country, friends and family…