At Home with Annika Rowson

Annika is a talented kitchen and interior designer based in New Plymouth where she lives with her husband Brad and two boys, as well as Rocco, the family pooch.

Along with working on projects in other parts of New Zealand, Annika has also had a big local renovation on the books – her own home. A beautiful 1940s era bungalow caught the family’s eye, and they have now lovingly and extensively renovated it, bringing it into the modern era while celebrating its deco features of the past.

A long-time Ashley & Co. fan, Annika gives us some insights into some of her favourite things, her home’s characteristics and how she uses scent.

Her tip to anyone who wants to freshen the rooms of a home (real estate agents, she means you!) Pick up Power House and mist and spritz soft scent mist throughout. Easy, captivating and quick.


Where do you get inspiration for your interior style?

I like to take inspiration from nature and travelling (while this is now restricted to NZ for the time being, I still find it as inspiring). I find when we are on holiday and feeling relaxed it’s so much easier to take in the textures and colours of our surroundings. I am also a huge fan of Australian design and love the integration between interiors and exteriors that we often see.

What is your favourite piece in your home?

The ceiling rose in our lounge is my favourite feature of our home – it tells a story of history and I often look at it and think of the process of how it was formed and what it meant to the original homeowner that commissioned it in the 1940s. I have researched the process and how the moulds were so individual, down to the sun patterns being so unique.
We also have a beautiful mountain detail on our stairwell that is a nod to the same family that built the home - they were timber merchants and it is a detail that would not be easily replicated in current times.

If you had a day all to yourself at home, how would you spend it?

A sleep in to start with then a slow breakfast - avocado and tomato on toast is my go-to with a cup of tea and a bit of reading. I would potter around, tidy, maybe bake or go for a bike ride or walk with our dog Rocco then a cheeky rosé or two followed by a light dinner & bath. I am such a fan of baths and find them the best way to relax and calm the mind before bed.


Do you have a fond memory that’s associated with scent?

Yes! When I was pregnant with our eldest son Deacon, my mother in-law gifted me a Bubbles & Polkadots diffuser set and we still continue this gift to each other each year and have done so for 15 years now. We mix it up with waxed perfume and washup, yet it still reminds me of when our boys were babies every time I smell it.

How do you add scent to your home and where, what rooms / spaces?

Candles, diffusers and flowers are always found in my home and in all areas – kitchen, lounge, hallways, bathroom and bedrooms. I also always have fresh flowers on our island bench and beside my bed too.

Do you pick scents based on the time of the day, occasion or in different seasons?

I would say seasonally - I definitely lean towards musky scents in autumn and winter, and lighter florals in summer.


You’ve been a long-time fan of Ashley & Co, what draws you to the brand?

I am indeed – I have always loved the scents and admire the brand's emphasis on creating memories with scent. I love that the range is timeless and elegant. The natural and thoughtful aesthetic is also really appealing and I love the way the range is expanding to cover so many key areas of the home, from scents through to cleaning and beauty products.

And what’s your favourite A&C product?

It is simply impossible to choose just one! I do love the Power House Room Mist in Nine to Five - it is such an intoxicating scent. I also always love to light candles in the evening so I feel the new Waxed Perfume XL candle is going to be pretty popular in my home too!