At Home with Heidi Rawstorn

A busy Mum of three, Heidi lives in a beautifully minimalistic beachside home in sunny Papamoa. Active and down to earth, Heidi’s refreshingly open about the reality of Mum life, yet she always manages to looks chic while she’s doing it!

Beyond her devoted love of her coffee machine, Heidi is a dedicated Ashley & Co. fan. Here she reveals her favourite scents, how she incorporates fragrance into her busy family life and where you might find her in a moment of calm…


Where do you get your design inspiration?

Predominantly scrolling housing and design pages on Instagram. Both my husband and I like quite clean lines and a minimalistic look, focusing on a neutral/monochrome palette which we have implemented throughout the whole house.

What’s your most treasured possession at home and why?

Probably our coffee machine. We have 3 young kids, need I say more?! I love being able to sit in the comfort of our home with a café quality coffee as part of my morning routine. The machine fits aesthetically within our kitchen and is almost a bit of an art piece. I also love that I can make a coffee on my own timeline without having to rush off to a café, and the benefit of how much money we save on rarely buying takeaway coffee!

If you had a day all to yourself at home, where would we find you?

Sitting on the couch with a coffee in hand, soaking up the sun, the view and the quiet.


Scent = Bubbles & Polkadots – Kid around? Fresh Garden Rose mixed with Soft Powdery Musk smells like a baby-out-of-the-bath. Buyer beware a craving for bed time stories and milk and cookies could result.

There are so many scents that surround us, what’s your favourite and why?

I generally gravitate towards a sweet scent like vanilla, but also a citrus scent is so refreshing especially in a clean home. My favourite scent would have to be (and you might resonate with this if you’re a parent) the individual scents of my baby’s hair after their bath. I always notice when I wrap them up in a towel and snuggle their wee faces how uniquely delicious they each smell.

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How do you add scent to your home and where, what rooms / spaces?

Usually, I would opt for a scented candle, always one in the middle of the island bench that I love lighting once I’ve cleaned up the morning chaos or after the evening dinner dishes – it gives me a sense that the kitchen is clean and tidy. I’ll always have a sweet-smelling candle on the bookshelf in the lounge to add fragrance to the space. In the bathrooms I like a diffuser with a clean fresh citrus scent.


We know you’ve loved Ashley & Co for a long time, what is it about our products that draw you to them?

I like the aesthetic of the branding; it ties in well in our home in each of the spaces. The long-lasting scents that the products give off is a big tick for me, I love the unique names of the fragrances too.

Tell us about your favourite Ashley & Co scent.

I’m not sure I can pick just one - the clean and calm smell of Tui & Kahili for the kitchen, the fresh vibes of Peppy & Lucent for the bathrooms, and the sweetness of Vine & Paisley for the lounge.