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Tune in: A guided meditation just for you.

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We’ve all heard about its merits, but how many of us have tried meditation? Perhaps we’ve thought ourselves too busy, or the voices in our head were too loud when we gave it a go on our own.

Rest assured – we’ve got you with this special resource, a short, guided sensory meditation just for our community developed by our friend Sarah Lindsay from SALA. Sala an Auckland-based studio that offers an integrated approach to physical and mental fitness centred around yoga.

Meditation has so many benefits. From reducing stress and anxiety, to increasing self-awareness and creativity, it’s a helpful and handy tool to turn to when we need more clarity. What’s more, it only takes 10 minutes.

“Using both colour and scent in meditation can be very powerful, giving us the opportunity to merge inner and outer landscapes”.


Scent can set the scene, helping us tune into a moment of contemplation. From the strike of a match of Waxed Perfume, or its bounteous buddy Waxed Perfume XL to the considered placement of Home Perfume, you can carefully pique some senses, while quietening others – allowing you to connect to and explore the present.

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Sarah loves Parakeets & Pearls in the morning to bring her senses inline and connect her to the now. Whereas Blossom & Gilt’s floral undertones help her invoke her inner inspiration.

What scent will you savour? Have a browse of our range and explore something new today.

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For more online yoga and meditation from Sala,

visit them here