A scent company for the home and everyone in it.

The essence of Ashley & Co. lies in creating a harmonious interaction between our scents and your living space. Designed for everyday use, our products aim to become a natural part of your home routine.


The news you’ve been waiting for! Our haircare range is now available in Topups, so you can efficiently refill our robust 500ml Wash Locks and Soft Locks bottles as and when required.

Refill for shimmy and shine.


What we surround ourselves with, we become.

We cherish the beauty of the present moment. In a hectic world, our fragrances are a gentle nudge towards life's simple joys. Each scent we craft embodies moments of comfort, love and daily rituals.

A Home Is More

Beyond the walls of a home lie memories woven with scents and sensations. Rediscover the essence of moments that matter with Ashley & Co.



For those with a keen nose

Keep your pooch clean and smelling sweet with our amazing pet products. Awoof Wash provides a 100% natural wash, and Ruff Star offers a spritz to freshen pup’s coat (and their favourite places and spaces) with the uplifting scent of Doug, Dug & Dug.