While we’re a company that makes products, we’re very conscious of the related impacts of waste and have a committed focus to improve wherever we can, as nimbly as we can.

We don’t claim to have perfected everything, but we’ve made a suite of positive changes over recent years, focusing primarily on increasing our use of more sustainable plastics, and converting our customers to purchasing refills (Topups).

And this is just the beginning. Year on year, we are dedicated to seeking out solutions that are smarter and kinder to the planet.

Here’s a few things we’ve achieved.

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Quality Formulations

We source only the highest quality ingredients and fragrance to craft our formulations, free from parabens, silicones, phthalates and other toxic chemicals.


Our Packaging

We use I’m Green™ tubes, made from sugarcane that are fully recyclable.

Our rPET bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic.

Our PCR HDPE bottles are made from post-consumer recycled plastic.

Our paper stocks used are fully recyclable and biodegradable, with FSC certification (meaning that the pulps used are all from managed forests). Some stock is also made from disposable coffee cups. These stocks are also Heavy Metal Free and, because the bleaching process avoids the use of harmful chlorine, classified ECF.



Our refill pouches, Topup, significantly reduce single use plastic use and waste. Lightweight, they also reduce the cost of freight. Practical and economical, they extend the life of our well-designed, hard-wearing (100% recycled) 500ml bottles that are re-used again and again, reducing plastic waste. Last year alone, our community Topup-ed over 30,000 litres – that’s 60,000 less plastic bottles. In the year to date we have saved approximately 60,000 single use bottles from entering the waste cycle. Our 1 litre Topup products use up to 80% less plastic than a regular 500ml bottle, and we plan to launch more refill options within our existing core range and proposed new products in 2024.


Biodegradable / Septic Tank Safe

All our products are fully biodegradable and safe for septic tanks.

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Cruelty Free

None of our products or any ingredients used in our products have been tested on animals.


Locally Made in New Zealand

We proudly produce all our products right here in Auckland, New Zealand. Along with this, In order to reduce our carbon footprint, we work with local suppliers. In fact, many of our suppliers, whether they are laboratories or couriers, have been with us since the very start.


Orders / Outbound

We don’t use any plastic in our outgoing shippers and we recycle any cardboard packaging.

Our cardboard outers and shippers are all recyclable and are made locally in NZ and are FSC certified.