How soon will I receive my order?

Orders are dispatched within 1-2 business days by courier. When you order is dispatched you will receive a tracking notification from our warehouse. Depending on the delivery address you should receive your order in 1-5 days from dispatch depending on your location. If you haven’t received your order after a week please email us on hello@ashleyandco.co.uk and we will track it for you.

Where is my order sent from?

Orders are dispatched from our Northampton warehouse.

Can I select my order as a ‘gift’?

Currently we do not have an option at checkout for gift wrapping. However, please email us at hello@ashleyandco.co.uk as soon as you have placed your order and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

I haven’t received my order?

If you haven’t received your order after 5 working days please email us on hello@ashleyandco.co.uk and we will track it for you.

Do you offer free delivery?

Yes orders over £70 are sent free of charge. If your order is under £70 you will be charged £3.95.

What can I do if the product I want to order is showing as out of stock?

We try to have all products in stock all of the time however sometimes there is a delay in receiving a delivery or we have forgotten to update the site. Please email us and we will be able to tell you when it will be back in stock or suggest a local stockist that may have it in stock.

What happens if my order is damaged or it is missing items?

Please email us at hello@ashleyandco.co.uk to resolve any issues with your order. For damaged items we may require photos or for the products to be returned.

What payment methods do you accept?

Payment is processed via Paypal or through Shopify Payments that includes Apple Pay + Google Pay. You do not need to have a Paypal account if you don’t want to sign up.

Can I change my order after I have processed it?

Once you confirm your order online, it is sent directly to our team for processing. We’d love to help if your order hasn't already been packed. Please contact us.

What if I need my parcel urgently?

If you need your order before a certain date, please contact us prior to placing an order to ensure this is achievable.

Do you deliver internationally?

We have international distributors in a number of markets and working on several others. Please email us for details on international delivery. We also have local websites in some countries: New Zealand (www.ashleyandco.co) Australia (www.ashleyandco.com.au)

Which of your products are vegan?

All of our products are vegan except for: Lip Punch (contains Beeswax); Mini Bar (contains Goats Milk); Sootherup (contains Honey, but Sootherup Gone Green is vegan)

Do you test on animals?

No there is no animal testing done on any of our products or our raw ingredients

Are your products Gluten Free?

Yes, all of our products are Gluten Free.

Are your products natural?

We use the highest quality ingredients, many of which are plant based, to create skincare products that are gentle on your skin and home products that deliver the best scent throw.

A range of our products are 100% natural and are great for people that have sensitive skin or have issues with fragrance. If you are looking for natural products we would suggest: Washup Gone Green in Mortar & Pestle or Peppy & Lucent; Sootherup Gone Green in Mortar & Pestle or Peppy & Lucent; Soothe Tube Gone Green; Wash Locks

Where are your products made?

Our product formulations are designed and made in New Zealand.

How can I contact you regarding other enquiries or feedback?

For any other enquiries or to provide us with your feedback please visit the Contact Us page

How do I choose a fragrance

Fragrance is really a personal thing so it’s difficult to recommend which fragrance you will like best. However we have a great Scent Selector here on our website that should help you work out which fragrance is right for you. All of our fragrances are unique and when you find the one you love you will be hooked!

How can I make my candle last longer?

Trim the wick; Do not blow it out until a top layer wax pool has formed; Do not burn continuously for more than 4 hours.

How often should I turn the reeds for my Home Perfume?

To assist in scent throw, flip the reed sticks regularly. The intensity and scent throw will increase the more regularly you flip your reed. If the intensity is too strong, only flip when you want to re-freshen the scent in the room. Take care whenever flipping the reed sticks. Have a damp cloth at the ready to wipe clean any surface effected by dripped perfume (see below for further precautions). Use all 10 reed sticks supplied for best scent throw.

Are there any precautions to be aware of?

Be extremely cautious of perfume drips on any surface. Wash quickly if this occurs with soap and water. Failure to do this immediately can result in damaged surfaces. By filling in a sink, you’re protecting valuable surfaces from potential damage and if drips occur, can be easily cleaned. If perfume has run down the outside of Vase, also make sure to wipe any perfume residue from the glass. The residue can be enough to also cause surface damage. We encourage you to use the Home Perfume Protective Coaster under the vase when setting up.

My new Home Perfume does not smell as strong as my old one?

This is perfectly normal. Flip the reed more often at the start, helping to saturate the reed and assist in the diffusion process. The intensity of your Home Perfume will naturally increase as the formulation starts to decrease and is used up. Make sure that your Home Perfume is not positioned in direct sunlight and away from drafty areas.

Can I use the Home Perfume as personal fragrance?

The Home Perfume formulation is not designed as a fragrance for personal use. If you want to smell like our fragrances we suggest that you use our Sootherup Hand & Body lotion. It’s a great formulation and it comes in the same beautiful fragrances as the Home Perfume.

Do you sell refills?

We have 1L refills (we call them Topups) for our Washup products. We are also planning to introduce refills for our Home Perfumes. Sign up to our newsletter for all new product launches.

Are your Washup products, Wash Locks and Insink cleansing products biodegradable?

Yes. All our cleansing products contain surfactants that are biodegradable and suitable for use in septic tanks.

Have you changed the packaging?

Yes we have recently launched new packaging for nearly all of our products, but the original formulations have not changed. Our new packaging puts emphasis on the everyday usefulness of our products while creating objects that are long-lasting & unobtrusive.

How do I find out about new products and special offers?

Please sign up to our newsletter and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.